Greater Data Science Co-op

A collaboration between Cornell University & the University of Rochester (

Motivated by today’s greatest foundational data science challenges arising in medicine, healthcare, and beyond, the Greater Data Science Cooperative’s mission is to develop a mathematical foundation that integrates trans-disciplinary perspectives and enables applications that can ultimately benefit everyone worldwide.

Research Focus:

  • Topological Data Analysis
  • Data Representation
  • Network & Graph Learning
  • Decisions, Control & Dynamic Learning
  • Diverse & Complex Modalities

GDSC Leadership Team:

-Cornell: David S. Matteson (PI), Aaron Wagner, Qing Zhao, David Bindel and Gennady Samorodnitsky.

-Rochester: Mujdat Cetin (PI), Daniel Gildea, Tong Tong Wu, Alex Iosevich and Daniel Stefankovic.

GDSC includes 17 additional founding senior personnel across UR and CU.


  • Ajay Anand
  • Andrew McDavid
  • Beilei Xu
  • Chenliang Xu
  • Edgar Bernal
  • Gaurav Sharma
  • Gonzalo Mateos Buckstein
  • Robert Strawderman
  • Wendi Heinzelman


  • Chris De Sa
  • David Ruppert
  • James Booth
  • Jayadev Acharya
  • Joe Guinness
  • Mahsa Shoaran
  • Mert Sabuncu
  • Samprit Banerjee